About Us

Since opening in 2017,  Twisted Fork's  focus is to be "the bridge between the farmers, producers and our customers."   Our cuisine is hancrafted by using fresh ingredients from our local farmers, producers and businesses. We make is approachable and yet we love to create fusion between different cultures.

We make just about everything from scratch, down to the jams, dressings and even our bbq sauce, in house to address special diets.  The few items we don’t prepare ourselves, like our breads, are supplied by the best bakeries we can find.

We also offer catering and special event services. Chef Deb loves to sit down one on one to help plan weddings, private parties, wedding or birthday cakes and just about any event you have in mind.

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Chef Deb

Chef Debra Poulin grew up in the Niagara region in Ontario. There, she learned the art of canning at an early age by helping her grandmothers pickle vegetables and make jams. By the age of 14, she was working in kitchens which marked the beginning of her career as a chef. She earned her Red Seal Chef certificate from NAIT, along with a Blue Seal certificate, a Level II Wine Steward/Sommelier, and other various cooking courses, including a pastry course in Montréal. She developed her culinary style influenced by the many places she worked and her travels around the world.

Family has always been important to Debra and her husband, Stéphane. Her relatives in Quebec taught her about the province's traditions and local foods, such as Lac-Saint-Jean blueberries and maple syrup. Although she has travelled extensively, Debra settled in St-Paul, close to her in-laws, in 2010 and took up a position as executive chef at the local golf course.  Move forward to 2017 - Twisted Fork is born supporting the local ag food scene and showcasing local farmers and producers.  Chef Deb uses family recipes, ideas passed on from customers and influences from ethinic groups in the area to create seasonal menus.  Her and the staff create dishes with their unique "twist" to them.

Twisted Fork at Sunrise

Even through Covid, Twisted Fork become creative in the dishes they produced as well as listening to their customers.  Huge demand for their jams, sauces, rubs and  pickles came from their customer base along with local grocery store and cheesery.  So in 2023, Twisted Fork Preserves Co. was born!   

economusee artisans at work

In 2023, Twisted Fork became a PRESERVE ECONOMUSEE - ARTISAN AT WORK.  Twisted Fork is carryng on the art of Preserving allowing them to share the knowledge and allow customers to taste these amazing products.  Not only is Twisted Fork a restaurant that provides high quality dishes using local products but a Preserve Co., that uses local products to create their lineup of jams, sauces, pickles and rubs.  

Twisted Fork and the Twisted Fork Preserve Co., invites you to come and visit!