• naked wedding cake with real flowers

    Wedding Cake

    Naked chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and real flowers.

  • pink and white baptism cake

    Baptism Cake

    Simple fondant with lemon cake and raspberry filling.

  • peanut butter cup cheesecake


    Chocolate peanut butter cheesecake . Choose a custom flavour!

  • custom plated dessert

    Plated Dessert

    Lemon raspberry tart with edible flowers.

  • semi naked 4 tier wedding cake

    Wedding Cake

    Semi naked cake with pink flowers.

  • autumn baby boy shower cake

    Autumn Baby Shower

    Boys cake with gumpaste decorations.

  • four tier custom white wedding cake

    Fall 4-Tier Wedding Cake

    A variety of flavours to provide elegance.

  • pink and white birthday girl cake

    Birthday Girl Cake

    Fondant and gumpaste with vanilla and raspberry cream.

  • nursing graduation cake

    Graduation Cake

    No matter the grad, we can help create something for you!

  • diplomat cake with berries on top

    Diplomat Cake

    Layers of genoise and puff pastry encased with pastry cream and delicious cream.

  • white wedding cake 2 tier

    Simple & Elegant Wedding Cake

    Simple in white made of your favourite cake and filling.

  • twisted fork plated dessert

    Plated Dessert

    Let us create a plated dessert for you!

  • red hat lady cake

    Red Hat Lady Cake

    Celebrate these wonderful ladies.

  • Made to order macarons


    We can create these wonderful desserts for you.

  • custom angel food cake

    Angel Food Cake

    Strawberries and cream with merigues and decorations.

  • Custom chocolate cake

    Chocolate Lover's Cake

    Double double with ganache and bright colours!

  • Custom blue ombre cake

    Ombre Cake

    Lemon blueberry ombre with vanilla bean filling.

  • Beads and Bows 3 Tier Wedding Cake

    Pick your colour and let us create this cake for your day.

  • Duckies are Hiding Wedding Cake

    Semi naked with apple spice, caramel center and whisky buttercream.

  • Elegance with Flowers Wedding Cake

    Let us create a flowing flower cake for you.