Twisted Fork Joins Economusee Artisans at Work

Twisted Fork Joins Economusee Artisans at Work

Twisted Fork is pleased to be a member of Société du Réseau ÉCONOMUSÉE®. 

What is an Economusee? 

 An ÉCONOMUSÉE® is a business that promotes artisans and their traditional trades by sharing their know-how with visitors. 

The tradition of water bath preserving

Chef Debra Poulin learned the art of canning at an early age by helping her grandmothers pickle vegetables and make jams. Today, through her restaurant's line of preserves, Debra continues the craft of canning while introducing guests to high-quality local products and sharing the region's traditional culinary skills. 

What do Economusee members do?  

 Businesses who are members of the Société du Réseau ÉCONOMUSÉE® actively contribute to:

  • Showcasing traditional crafts that are still practised today, thereby helping to define local and national identity.
  • Transmitting their knowledge and know-how during the artisan-visitor interaction.
  • Promoting tangible and intangible heritage through visits and demonstrations.
  • Showcasing local products (as well as the place of their creation and distribution) with a view to promotion and sales.

 In addition to offering an authentic experience, artisans who are members of the network produce and market artistic and bio-food products. Visitors can enhance their experience by purchasing local products made by Artisans at work.


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